Ice core dating accuracy vs precision -

There have been a variety of discussions in the past week about what ice core data tells us. There are...

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History of scientific ice drilling. Liners can be placed inside the drill barrel to enclose the core before it is brought to the surface, but this makes it difficult to clean off the drilling fluid.

When the cores are flown from the drilling site, the aircraft's flight deck is unheated to help maintain a low temperature; when they are transported by ship they must be kept in a refrigeration unit. Ice cores have been drilled at locations away from the poles, notably in the Himalayas and the Andes. It was the NH that was experiencing warming.

An ice core is a core sample that is typically removed from an ice sheet or a high mountain glacier.

We can make good estimates of global temperature so can estimate planck radiation on global level , good estimates of albedo from ice extent, reasonable estimates of evaporation and convection from temperature contraints, now try closing that surface budget with GHG.

The cuttings are removed from the fluid at the top of the hole and the fluid is then pumped back down. One location will have a different general path that the water molecules take. That is why they are so useful in understanding the global climate. Retrieved 29 May That is a little out of context.

I was wondering how ice cores are dated accurately. I know Carbon 14 is one method, but some ice cores go abet hundreds of a lot of years. Would other isotopes with longer half-lives be more accurate? Too, how much does it cost to date the core? How are samples acquired without destroying the ice? I imagine keeping the ice intact as much as realizable would be damned valuable. Some of the answers to these questions are available on the Ice Core Basics page.

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How are ice cores dated? -

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  • An alternative is to model the ice accumulation and flow to A difficulty in ice...
  • or close to annual resolution (NEEM community members ). To maximize the knowledge gain...
  • In ice core studies, accurate and precise dating is important...
  • Ice core - Wikipedia
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