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Ron Cohen: I a m going to love a german woman

Bac Ziko: If this is what it's like, then tbh, i think, im a french man (although im not french or a man)

Rosbtim: I dated a mexican american girl. She was awesome.

Gary Webb: The tanning scene is just hilarious. I've never met an English that can tan properly and, when trying, they always get burned.

Shannon Ryan: I want to meet a guy who will agree to play thumb wars or rock paper scissors for who pays!

MariMari: I feel like you were trying to show what a PARISIAN GUY looks like. But Paris is NOT France

Nolan Milnes: Who edited this? can't read black writing on a black background mate.

Carl Quinto: As a German girl myself i do agree on all points except the part about making plans. We're pretty spontanous too ; and I'm the one who is always late lol

Rodrigo Opina: Me: What do you want for dinner?

Alkhazred1: I'm from South America and i have a french gf

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  1. Adrian's fucking hilarious lol but I do agree with the stuff about Sam Pepper and Simple Pickup.

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Poprawiacz pisowni online dating

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