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The Choleric-Sanguine combination is driven by two temperament needs. The primary need is to get results. The secondary need is to be accepted socially. Either...

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4 Primary Temperaments | Temperament Model of Behavior

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The idea of the four temperaments traces back to the Old-fashioned Greek medical theory of the four humours, which held that there were four fundamental bodily humours blood, yellow bile, abominable bile, and phlegm and that illness was caused by an imbalance in these. The terms sanguine, choleric, melancholic and unmoved were coined by the Greek physician Aelius Galenus to narrate the effect of the humours on personality.

The four temperaments have not been a possess of medicine or psychology allowing for regarding a hundred years, but odds popular in the writings of several prominent self-help and spirituality authors and the idea remains relatively well known. The Uncovered Four Temperaments Scales were developed in by Eric Jorgenson using surveys of individuals who knew of the four temperaments and identified as one, and selecting items that reliably predicted self-identification.

It should take most folk about five minutes to perfect. You use of this assessment should be for educational or entertainment purposes only. This is not psychological advice of any kind.

Additionally, your responses to this questionnaire will be anonymously saved and possibly used in the course of research or otherwise distributed. That is an interactive version of the Open Four Temperaments Scales. The biological basis of persona.

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The Choleric temperament has three combinations:

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The Melancholy-Choleric is attentive to details and push to have things done correctly according to their standards. They can be grudge holders. They are optimistic and full of hope. They have a strong desire for independence and will resist change, especially sudden change. The Sanguine-Melancholy needs to be with people most of the time, but some of the time they need to be alone. The Melancholy-Phlegmatic is a pleasant and accommodating person who tends to seek a structured environment requiring attention to detail.

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Phlegmatic melancholic

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The phlegmatic-melancholic is introverted (though less so than the melancholic- phlegmatic), which means that his deep emotions and anxieties tend not to be. The Phlegmatic-Choleric combination is...